How To Make Your Blogger Site Indexed On Google

How To Make Your Blogger Site Indexed On Google

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The only question that I have been asked a lot and especially on the Quora platform is: ”How can I get views to my Blogger site? And when I make a quick check, I mostly find out that the blogger site is not indexed by Google yet. And this is the main reason behind not getting any organic views. So, how you can make your site invisible on Google to get unlimited traffics?

In this article, I will show you how to optimize your Blogger site to get organic traffics from Google. If you don’t have a website yet, you can read my previous articles in order to learn how to make a professional website with Google.

How to get unlimited Traffic from Google?

I started my first blog with Google 10 months ago, and I was only getting about 150 visits per month since I didn’t know anything about SEO. While After I followed some tips, my website started getting thousands of views monthly.

If you are looking forward to making your Blogger site look professional, I already published a full tutorial in the previous post.

As you can see in this image above the stats of my BlogSpot analytics views. So, which tips I have followed to get this huge traffic in a short time?

1* Publishing a Good article

The first tip that I have done is to publish an excellent article. When you write good articles, you tell Google that your website is trustworthy, and it will begin bringing visitors to your site automatically.

an audience comment inside of BlogPost

As you can see in the image example of a customer’s comment above.

Since I have started publishing excellent articles, I began getting daily views organically from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on. And here is the list of lifetime total views.

How to get unlimited views to your Blogger site

2* Never Stop Publishing Posts

When it comes to publishing posts, you have to create a schedule of how many posts you are going to publish in a week or a month. The matter depends on your niche markets. Some niches require publishing posts daily such as news. And others, one post in a week or 2 posts each month are enough.

This is because you don’t know which articles are going to bring visitors. Also, if you back to the image above, you will realize that some of the posts are top-viewed. But, actually, my other posts are getting little traffic.

How to make your articles done as fast in minutes?

Since your Blogger site is still new, you don’t know which kind of posts and labels will bring you traffic from Google organically. As a result, be an active Blogger and publish posts regularly.

How to Own Your Blogger site?

Sometimes, our Blogger sites do not get any views because of some crucial reasons, and you can see that in this image example

Why does not my Blogger site get any views

If some of your posts respond to the same problem, make sure that your Blogger site or your domain name is not indexed by Google yet. And in addition, to own your blogger site, it must get indexed by Google.

Getting your Blogger site Indexed by Google

If Google does not index your website, you are effectively invisible. You will not appear for any search searches, and you will receive no organic traffic.

And you can check the Google index status, use the same method to verify the index status of a given URL.

1- Go to Google Search Console

If you get no results as displayed in the example above, you should apply The Search Console tools and reports allow you to measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, address issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Google Search Console tool

2- Navigate to the URL inspection Tools

The URL Inspection tool displays information about the indexed version of a certain page on Google. AMP flaws, structured data problems, and indexing difficulties are all examples of information. Common responsibilities: View a URL’s current index status: Get information about the indexed version of your page on Google.

Navigate the URL inspection tools on Google search console

3- Wait for Google to index the URL

This is the result example of the URL not on the Google index. And we can demand URL indexing by clicking on” Request Indexing”.

And, if the URL is on the Google index, the result will display like this example:

Request URL indexing on Google


To make your Blogger site indexed on Google, you need to publish an excellent article as a first step to get unlimited views organically. Then, you have to go with the Google Search Console to request URL indexing.

Following these simple steps will definitely bring you views daily. If you have any questions, we are glad to help you!

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